Gretchen Haskins - What drives safety performance

Gretchen Haskins is currently the CEO of HeliOffshore Ltd., a company dedicated to global offshore helicopter safety. She is an internationally recognised expert in human factors, respected for her leadership of safety improvement. Gretchen served on the Board of the UK Civil Aviation Authority as Group Director of Safety, providing oversight of aviation safety in the UK, including airlines, aerodromes, air traffic, airworthiness and personnel. Before that, she was the Group Director of Safety at NATS, where she championed and gave focus to those activities that provide front line operational safety benefit. She also worked to increase partnership within the global aviation safety community. Previously, she worked in nuclear certification and safety of intercontinental ballistic missiles, joint airworthiness trials, design of defence systems, and as an expert advisor to NATO on human performance and safety critical systems. Gretchen has a strong aviation background, having served in the US Air Force, flown jet and piston aircraft.