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Welcome to 10 years of Risky Business London Conferences. The idea of The Risky Business conferences is to hear from some of the highest achievers in other high risk industries, sport, healthcare, and exploration. The goal is to inspire us to think differently about how we manage risk, drive improvement and harness innovation, teamwork and leadership.

Day 1

Katie Derham

BBC Presenter, Chair Day 1

Opening the conference

Jeremy Hunt

Right Honorable Secretary of State for Health - Challenges facing the NHS in the coming years

Session: The Big Picture – From Universe, Global Issues, Brexit to the Individual Physician and Patient

Professor Giovanna Tinetti

Professor of Astrophysics, Royal Society URF, University College London
Topic: The Scope of the Universe, Risks of Asteroids & Chances of life out there

Steve Richards

Chief Political Columnist for The Independent Newspaper, Presenter Rock n Roll Politics
Topic: Trump and Brexit, what next..

Sir David Dalton

Chief Executive of Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust
Topic: Hospital CEO Perspective

Dr. Rob Galloway

Emergency Medicine Consultant BSUH NHS Trust
Topic: Frontline Doctors Perspective

Anthony Bennett

CPR and ECMO survivor
Topic: Patient Perspective

Session: The Future - Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality and Robotics

Dr Jack Kreindler

Co-founder Centre for Health and Human Performance & Medical technology entrepreneur in wireless bio-sensors and AI
Topic: Health Innovators must refocus on the individual patient

Dominic King

Senior Scientist and Clinician Google Deep Minds
Topic: Artificial intelligence and its evolution into healthcare

Jean Nehme M.D

Co-founder & CEO Touch Surgery
Topic: Augmented reality surgery & procedures - the possibilities & does it improve outc

Dr Peter Kim

Vice President of the Sheikh Zayed Institute for Pediatric Surgical Innovation, National Children?s Hospital, Washington DC
Topic: Intelligent and autonomous surgical robots

Session: Extreme Risk Takers – when help can’t arrive in time

Kester Keighley

Commercial Diver
Topic: Managing risks at extreme depths

Jamie Andrew

Topic: 4 limb amputee after trapped on Les Droites - When the weather closes in at the top of a mountain

Commodore Jake Moores

Former Commander of Trident Submarine Fleet
Topic: Managing emergencies on board a nuclear sub

Professor Jo Delahunty QC

represented families at Hillsborough enquiry
Topic: lessons from Hillsborough

Will Carnegie

Youngest ever skipper in THE BT GLOBAL CHALLENGE
Topic: Talks about the freak accident off Sydney

Bill Hagan

747 Captain
Topic: Captain of the 747 that had the flight deck intrusion en route to Nairobi

Hugh Montgommery

Professor of ICU and UCL Sports Science Centre
Topic: Physiology of extreme survival on top of Everest and in ICU

Session: ‘Winners’ - Leadership, Teamwork and Creativity

Conor O'Shea

Director Rugby - Italy and Irish International Player
Topic: What it takes to win the Premier Rugby League.

Paul Bonhomme

Red Bull Air Race World Champion
Topic: Mental Rehearsal and Visualisation

Kirsty Homer & Jane Kirton

Head of Personnel, John Lewis Partners and Jane Kirton, Former Head of Personnel, John Lewis Partners
Topic: The Partnership Model - could this apply in the NHS?

Danny Kerry

Head Coach of England and Great Britain Woman's Hockey team
Topic: What does it take to win Olympic gold? culture precedes performance - the culture of collective responsibility

Day 2

Charlie Stayt

BBC Presenter, Chair Day 2

Session: Investigation & Sentinel Events

Andrew Blackie

Air Accident Investigator
Topic: After the call comes in... lessons from Shoreham

Jerry Brown

Surgeon Liberia
Topic: Times Man of the Year for his contribution during the Ebola Crisis in Liberia

Mathew Syed

Author and Olympian
Topic: Black Box thinking and system solutions

Eva Carneiro

Consultant Sports Physician, Former First Team Doctor and Assistant Medical Director Chelsea Football Club
Topic: What it's like being a premier league football doctor - responsibilities and potential conflicts of interest

Session: Reconciliation, Burnout & PTSD

Vicky Balch

Alton Towers 'smiler' crash victim
Topic: No point in blaming people

Geoff McDonald

Industrial psychologist
Topic: Depression, Anxiety, PTSD and Burnout in the corporate world

Suzy Jordache

MPS Medical Educator
Topic: Physician burnout: impacts and insights

Session: Communication on an Individual and Community Level

Beverley Milton-Edwards

Professor of Politics Belfast
Topic: Talking to the most wanted

Deputy Assistant Commissioner Helen Ball

National police lead for hostage and crisis negotiation, former National Coordinator for Counter Terrorism
Topic: Communities Defeat Terrorism - so long as we listen to them

Rory Sutherland

Vice-Chairman of Ogilvy and Mather Group, UK
Topic: How do you get people to change from Coke to Pepsi or wash their hands?

Elizabeth Stokoe

Professor of Social Interaction, Loughborough University
Topic: How to control a conversation with a single word

Chula Rupasinha MCIPD

CEDRE and Resolve International Mediator and Negotiator
Topic: Mediation under stress

Session: Truth and Evidence – Positive Stories from the Frontline

Professor Brian Kavanagh

Professor PICU, Sick Kids, Toronto
Topic: Protocolized Care - Strengths & Concerns

Tim Galekop

CEO Tigamed
Topic: Back to the future - Infection control as never told before

Adrian Plunkett

Senior Paediatric Intensivist Birmingham Childrens Hospital UK
Topic: Positive reporting (as opposed to incident reporting) in improving morale and outcome in sepsis

Professor Cameron Hepburn

Director of the Economics of Sustainability Programme, Oxford University
Topic: Achieving zero carbon emissions - can it be done in our lifetime?

Session: Attitude and Ambition

Catherine Bishop

Olympic Rower, Gold World Championship coxless pairs
Topic: Specialist in conflict resolution . Building effective teams under extreme pressure and stress

Hassan Khan

Visually Impaired English Cricket Player
Topic: Attitude & Inspiration against the odds

Alf Dunbar

One of the most reognised coaches
Topic: Attitude you are the difference


Closure and Take Home Messages: Guy Hirst and Allan Goldman

“Melting Pot” audience table discussion facilitated by: Fiona Godlee and The BMJ Team.

Topical issues from the conference with Drinks and Canapés


The idea of the Risky Business Paediatric Day (10 May 2017 - Great Ormond Street Hospital) is to hear about some of the latest patient safety and improvement initiatives from many of the leading Children's Hospitals around the world including:

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