• Lizzy Yarnold
    (Olympic Gold Skeleton)

    & Gabby Logan (TV presenter)
    Talks about:
    What it takes to win Olympic Gold
  • Brook Kinsella
    Actress, anti-knife crime campaigner
    Talks about:
    The role of restorative justice
  • Ben McBean
    Royal Marine
    Talks about:
    Surviving an IED Blast
    Putting life into perspective
  • Ed Hickey
    Cardiac Surgeon
    Talks about:
    Reviewing the flight path of every
    cardiac patient & lessons
    from Air France
  • Leadership Panel
    Claire Williams, Madeline Bell,
    Cressida Dick, Fiona Dalton,
    Fiona Godlee, Garry Copeland
    Doing more for less, better &
    safer, what keeps me awake,
    work life balance
  • Debra Searle
    Professional Adventurer
    Talks about:
    Rowing across the Atlantic
    single handed
  • Flt Lt Simon Stevens
    (Former Red Arrows Pilot)
    Talks about:
    Debriefing Red Arrows Style to
    Continually Improve Performance
  • Pat Croskerry
    Professor of Emergency Medicine
    Talks about:
    Clinical Decision Making
    and diagnostic error
  • Ross Brawn
    Team Principle
    Talks about:
    What it takes to win an
    F1 World Championship
  • Steve Kreiser
    Former F18 Pilot
    Talks about:
    Safety, Culture & Situational
    Awareness onboard an aircraft carrier
  • Mike Barratt
    NASA Astronaut
    Talks about:
    Six months on board the
    International Space Station

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